Aldi Ch. de Champtelou Anjou Rouge 2014

Aldi Ch. de Champtelou Anjou Rouge 2014

In the Aldi French Wine Sale from 3rd September

Pale in colour with light cherry fruits and a slightly sweetish finish. Good everyday drinking at a budget price.

I had mine by itself before dinner and with an omelette.

This is the kind of inexpensive red wine that I normally like; a Loire Cabernet Franc that is light in alcohol and body with good refreshing acidity. I don’t even object to a herbaceous touch, something you used to find in Loire Cabernet Franc a lot. I know many people hate it. As it happened I was a little disappointed. I don’t know if they ran it through one of the pieces of modern machinery used to improve the balance of a wine, but I found the finish a little sweet. Still, at €7.99, it was a whole lot better than many of the confected cheapie wines you find in supermarkets.

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