Aldi The Exquisite Collection Crozes-Hermitage 2013

Aldi The Exquisite Collection Crozes-Hermitage 2013


This is pretty good,and almost excellent if you like the Northern Rhône. It has very good elegant lifted peppery syrah aromas, light on the palate, and a drying finish. If it had a touch more fruit I would say brilliant; as it is not bad at all.

One to try with cold meats, charcuterie and cheese.

Crozes-Hermitage is the largest appellation of the Northern Rhône, and is dominated by one co-operative. I suspect this wine comes from the Cave de Tain, responsible for almost half of all Crozes. As with all of the Aldi Exquisite Collection, it is signed by the winemaker, but I have never been able to decipher one. If you like (as I do) light slightly austere peppery wines then this is one for you. If you prefer big Aussie Shiraz, steer well clear!

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