Going Pink

‘Neither fish nor fowl’ one of my former bosses would say of rosé wines. I knew what he meant; a rosé is either a white wine trying to be red, or a red wine that didn’t quite make the grade. But rosé deserves more than that. Properly made, it is one of the great hot weather drinks, refreshing, thirst quenching but still frivolous. It is not really a wine to write about; it is there to drink and enjoy. I enclose four possible options tow under €15 and two over; the last two, made from Pinot Noir, are in my favourite style; fragrant, light and dry.

 Delheim Pinotage Rosé 2013, Stellenbosch 12.5%

€12.99 or two for €19.40

Ample rounded fresh strawberry fruits with clean crisp acidity; a great all-purpose wine for whenever the sun comes out or as a summer party wine.

Delheim is one of my favourite South African producers, mainly because they don’t try to hard with their wines. Family-owned and run, they produce a series of well-made fruit-driven wines at very keen prices. O’Briens have  been importing them for many years. I am not a huge fan of Pinotage but it seems it can make very good rosé wines.

Stockists: O’Briens


Mirabeau 2013, Côtes de Provence 13%

€15.99 or two for €23.98

This is a very tasty modern exuberant ripe fruit-filled rosé that would suit any summery occasion, indoors or out.

This is part of a rather complicated but very successful rosé promotion that O’Briens are running all summer, whereby you buy two bottles and get the second at ½ price – which means 25% off, I think? In any case, this wine  is made by an English/German couple who moved from London to Provence seeking the good life. They have been hugely successful in gaining publicity and in making very gluggable rosé .

Stockists: O’Briens


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