Joha 2010, Primitivo, A.V. Guttarolo, Puglia

<strong>Joha 2010, Primitivo, A.V. Guttarolo, Puglia

DSCF6600Joha 2010, Primitivo, A.V. Guttarolo, Puglia
€25.50 from Sheridan’s Cheesemongers.

Rich powerful and concentrated with a lovely earthiness. Plenty of full-throttle dark fruits, all held in balance. The alcohol is completely absorbed, and the wine just improves on opening. Great wine.

Partner with robust red meats and firm cheeses. One to open for a posh barbeque.

Having made his other Primitivo a Top Drop last week, this week I finished off a Coravined bottle of this, the amphora wine from Guttarolo (or at least a percentage is made in amphorae). Having preferred the Lamie dell Vigne first time around, I found this different but every bit as good.

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  1. Tony Keeling July 8, 2016

    Looking forward to many enjoyable recommendations from you John.
    Thank you John.

    • admin July 18, 2016

      Thank you Tony. Welcome on board. Let me know how you get on. John


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