Two wines at €7

For the most part, Marks & Spencer avoid the heavy discounting and spurious special offers favoured by some of the other chains. However, even here discounted wines seem to be on the increase. I have no objection to real offers, but in many cases the wines are simply over-priced to allow later discounting. In most instances, the real price lies somewhere between the original and offer price. I also have reservations about really cheap wines; very few are worth the money. However, if you buy direct from the producer, €7 does allow a retailer pay a reasonable €1.50 and still make a 25% margin. Included in this €7 is €4.10 on government taxes and duties, leaving €2.91 for retailer and producer margin, as well as the wine, bottle, cork, label and transport. The M&S wines I tasted are not bad (this is part of a range they have introduced at €7), and considerably better than some currently being sold at €5-7 elsewhere.  The Reserve de la Saurine has nice peach fruit and good acidity although it does fall away a bit on the finish. The red Marques de Alarcorn, a Tempranillo/Syrah blend is ok too; a little bit light and scrawny but just enough fruit to cover the cracks.  Both wines were reasonable value for €7,and thankfully didn’t have the syrupy confected flavors I find in so many wines at this price.


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