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Pardevalles Prieto Picudo 2015, Tierra de León.

<strong>Pardevalles Prieto Picudo 2015, Tierra de León.</strong>

DSCF6587Pardevalles Prieto Picudo 2015, Tierra de León.
€15 from Clontarf Wine, 64wine and the Corkscrew.

Every year, the Spanish seem to rediscover a long-lost grape variety. If you haven’t heard of the Prieto Picudo grape before, don’t worry; very few wine anoraks have either. I seem to remember trying a few very rough versions a year or two ago, but couldn’t swear to it. Then this very attractive wine landed on my doorstep. The grape is indigenous to the León region in north-west Spain. The wine is savoury with liquorice and plump dark fruits with a very pleasant freshness. Well worth looking out for.

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